ACF and Farmers Roll Out First Reefer Truck to Feed Michigan Kids

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan’s Agent Charitable Fund (ACF) has announced that its ‘reefer truck’—a refrigerated trailer designed to transport food—is ready to join the fight to end hunger in Michigan.

“We’re excited this first trailer is on the road,” Agent Mark Jarrait, of Monroe, said. “Anyone with a heart beating inside them has to feel for hungry kids. It’s staggering how many kids go to bed hungry; who don’t get the nutrition they need.”

According to hunger experts in Michigan, trailers like this will be instrumental to any successful effort to feed people in Michigan. It’s a matter of getting the food from the farmers’ fields to the food kitchens or people’s plates before it spoils.

Farm Bureau members Jerry Jr. and Diane Kuehnlein, owners of a trucking company in Monroe, donated the ‘reefer,’ or refrigerated trailer. Since then, the trailer was inspected and branded with Farm Bureau logos and information about the ACF.

“When we first heard about the program and what a great cause it was, we talked about what we could do to help. After learning one in five children struggles with hunger right here in Michigan, and that one of the biggest problems of feeding the hungry is just the logistics of getting the food to the people who need it, we realized by simply donating a trailer it could make a big difference,” said the Kuehnleins.

Michigan Farm Bureau young farmers – 18- to 35-year-old agricultural leaders – were inspired by this generosity and chipped in to ensure the trailer didn’t arrive to the food bank empty. Young farmers donated $8,000, raised from various hunger-relief fundraisers throughout the year – to fill the trailer with 4,900 gallons of milk. The United Dairy Industry of Michigan upped the ante, matching the donation for a total contribution of nearly 10,000 gallons. 

Soon, the trailer will be connected to semi-trucks and begin delivering food by July.

The Farm Bureau of Michigan Agent Charitable Fund is a donor advised fund within the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture. It serves as a fund for Farm Bureau agents, clients and partners to contribute to charitable causes throughout Michigan. Following the purpose and vision of the Michigan Foundation of Agriculture, the fund grants monies to provide food, build agriculture awareness, educate and help citizens throughout the state.

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